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Tin-copper solders

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Solder SnCu-1

Solder SnCu-1 among tin solder with a high content of copper, which causes most of the properties of the solder connection. The most commonly involve a solder during soldering copper fittings. They can be made as pure copper, as copper alloy with a few other components. In the future, these fittings are used in order to join copper pipes, in turn, demanded in the various systems. It may be a pipe cooling and steam heating, hot and cold water, drinking water supply, gas supply, sewage systems, and water purification from all sorts of pollution. Effective use of this type of solder in the presence of predetermined chemical composition of its large amount of tin.


Solder SnCu-3

Solder SnCu-3 is a composition of tin, to which is added less than 3.5% copper, as well as some iron, sulfur, arsenic, bismuth, zinc, nickel, lead and aluminum. And most of the properties of the solder depends precisely on this chemistry. He determines the main and the use of this type of solder. Solder made in accordance with the SIP-3 mark best suited for the brazing of alloys, which predominates in the composition of copper and tin. It melts a fusible solder at a temperature of 230-250 degrees Celsius, which should be considered when soldering. This approach will be a guarantee of obtaining compounds of high reliability and durability.