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Customer-size solders

Solders in customer-size packing

Especially for retail and wholesale and retail chains of "Production of metal powders" produces tin-lead solders in small packing in the following variants:

- Coil, 50 oz.

- Coil 100 gr.

- Coil 200 gr.

- Coil 500 gr.

- Reel 1 kg.

- Bay 1 kg.

- Spiral of 1m, 2m.

For ease of handling, coil winding 200 g. inclusive are available in two colors:

Yellow coil - tube with rosin (flux);

Red coil - wire without rosin (flux).

In the content of each tape reel shall include: solder brand, type (tube or wire with rosin (rosin-free)), the composition, diameter, weight (± 5g). All spiral coils have their own articles - product adheres barcode reader and entering in trading base. By agreement of the parties solders can be supplied with evropetley for placement on evroslotah.


Products in small packages are packed in cardboard boxes 300 * 100 * 80 mm and wrapped with adhesive tape with the logo of the brand, "PMP", LLC to control opening. On the side of the box is applied to the batch number, the number of the packer.

The multiplicity of the package (the minimum norm of shipment):

- Coil 50, 100, 200 gr. 10 pcs .;

- Helix 1 and 2 m 50 pcs .;.

- Coils 500g, coil and coves of 1 kg piece;.

- Wood's alloy and Rose in any packaging the piece;

- Solder Sn62Pb36Ag2 any packaging piece.