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Rosiny flux

Additional Information

The mechanism of the impact of this flux is simple: the oxide film and metal, solder and dissolve or disintegrate, thereby surfacing flux to the surface. Then, both the purified metal from around the flux formed protective layer prevents the emergence of any of the oxide films. These fluxes are different non-hygroscopic and are considered excellent insulators, so it is not deleted residuals for soldered connections do not represent danger. Rosiny flux is easy to prepare, has a high soldering quality, perfectly wets the surface and ensures that the fall in all the gaps that exist between all soldereddetails. Working with fluxes GFR requires good ventilation of the room, because the product is toxic. At the first signs of sickness should immediately interrupt your workflow and get to fresh air. Storage of rosiny semi-liquid flux is recommended in plastic nipple, proboscis which is necessary to stop up with a special plug. This capacity allows for quick and simple application to the proposed location of the right amount of solder flux.