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Flux "FTKA for aluminum"

Additional Information

Highly effective, cadmium-free flux for soldering aluminum, aluminum alloy cable products and AMC with copper and steel solders based on tin-zinc and zinc-cadmium.

Additional Information

It is a classic, organic, composite, an active flux for soldering.

Properties: reactive, the temperature range of 150-320 ° C. Convenient dosing, sealed package.

Washing: in flowing water.

Appearance: colorless or light yellow solution, allowed slight caloid formations.

Flux "FTKA for aluminum" is a fire-proof and explosion-proof product. Store in tightly closed containers, protected from heat and direct sunlight. At work, as well as after completion, room should be aired. During the work use personal protection of the skin, eyes and respiratory system. After contact with the flux hands should be washed with soap and water. In case of eye contact rinse with plenty of water. Do not allow oral consumption.